May 30, 2024

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Cockroach Infestation Discovered at Springfield Restaurant During Health Inspection

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American cockroach. Insect on dirty stove (Photo By IStock Photo)

SPRINGFIELD, MO (The Lake Tribune) — A recent inspection at Misaki 2, a local restaurant located at 2710 S. Campbell Ave., revealed a troubling presence of live cockroaches, according to a report from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. The inspection, which took place on April 29, noted that cockroaches were observed crawling across a counter and around key areas such as electrical outlets and cooler motors.

During the inspection, a cockroach was seen crawling across a cutting board, prompting immediate removal and cleaning of the affected utensils and disposal of open food items. The health department has instructed the restaurant to enhance its pest control efforts and continually monitor for signs of cockroaches.

The health department conducts food inspections one to three times annually, depending on various factors including the type of food served and the establishment’s previous violation history. Misaki 2 is now slated for a re-inspection to ensure compliance with health standards.

Violations during inspections are categorized as either priority, which can impact food safety and include issues like improper food temperatures and cross contamination, or non-priority, which do not directly affect food safety but concern general cleanliness. Frequent or multiple priority violations can result in a restaurant being temporarily shut down. You can view a list of Springfield, Greene County inspections online.

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