July 20, 2024

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Woman Attacks EMT, ER Tech, and Nurse after Being Taken to the Hospital for Possible Injuries

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Team paramedic first aid. (Photo By IStock Photo)

OSAGE BEACH, MO (The Lake Tribune) – An unusual turn of events unfolded in Osage Beach when a medical call to assist a woman led to her arrest on charges of felony assault against a special victim. The incident began with a report of a woman falling down a hill. Upon trying to assist the woman, identified under the alias Shanon Marie Labrot and found out to be homeless and from Arkansas, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) faced immediate resistance.

The probable cause statement, filed in the Camden County Courthouse, details how the situation escalated upon arrival at Lake Regional Hospital. Labrot became combative, striking an ER technician and a nurse as they attempted to provide medical care. Efforts to restrain her for her safety and that of the hospital staff led to further resistance, with Labrot curling up in a ball to prevent Osage Beach police officers from handcuffing her.

Ultimately, the officers detained Labrot, who was transported to the Camden County Jail. She is currently being held on a $25,000 bond. The incident highlights the challenges faced by emergency responders and healthcare professionals in situations where individuals become combative. It also raises questions about the circumstances leading up to the incident and the support systems in place for those experiencing homelessness.

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