July 20, 2024

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Missouri Teen Recovers After Brutal Attack Near High School Went Viral

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Hazelwood East High School, St. Louis County, MO. (Photo By Google Images)

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (The Lake Tribune) — Kaylee Gain, a teenager who suffered a severe beating near Hazelwood East High School on March 8, is showing signs of recovery after being hospitalized in critical condition. The incident, described as a “deranged display of violence” by officials, left Gain in the intensive care unit with significant injuries. She is now out of the ICU, according to her family’s attorney.

The attack, which was captured in a widely circulated social media video, occurred near the intersection of Norgate and Claudine drives. The footage revealed a distressing scene where Gain was repeatedly punched and had her head slammed to the ground by another teen. A 15-year-old girl was arrested in connection with the assault the following day.

Despite her progress, Gain faces challenges in her recovery, including limited speech and difficulty walking without assistance. Her family’s attorney, Bryan Kaemmerer, stated that Gain has begun speech therapy and is taking short walks with the hospital staff’s help. Notably, Gain has no memory of the altercation that led to her hospitalization.

Dispelling rumors surrounding the incident, Kaemmerer clarified that Gain’s mother was not present at the fight scene, as she was at work during the time of the attack. He also confirmed a previous altercation involving Gain and another teenager on March 7, which resulted in suspensions for both students. The connection between this fight and the subsequent assault is still unclear.

The family is advocating for the 15-year-old accused to be tried as an adult, emphasizing the need for justice for Kaylee. Meanwhile, the case has drawn attention from officials including St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell and Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, both of whom have condemned the violence.

Further developments include the referral of eight additional teenagers to St. Louis County Family Court for potential assault charges related to the incident. These individuals, aged 14 to 17, have not been taken into custody as of the latest updates.

As the community and Gain’s family seek justice, the incident highlights ongoing concerns about youth violence and the impact of social media in spreading such content.

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