July 20, 2024

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Search for Missing Washington County Mother, Last Seen With a Deputy has Locals Questioning Dept.

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Donna Eye (Photo By Washington County Sheriff's Office)

WASHINGTON COUNTY, MO (The Lake Tribune) – In a significant development in the search for Donna Eye, a 44-year-old missing mother from Washington County, the Mineral Area Major Case Squad has been activated. This move, following a Fox Files investigation, reflects the growing concern and complexity surrounding Eye’s disappearance since January 8 in the Mark Twain National Forest.

The activation of the squad, as per Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen’s request, underlines the urgency of the case. It emerged that a Washington County sheriff’s deputy picked Eye up from the hospital on the evening she vanished. The deputy reportedly dropped her off in the forest, mistaking the location for her brother Ronald Eye’s driveway.

Ronald Eye expressed concerns about his sister’s ability to make decisions for herself, citing her medical and mental health issues. The family’s discovery of Donna’s bag containing clothes and makeup approximately a mile from the intended drop-off point has been considered a critical clue in the investigation.

With more than a dozen investigators now on the case, the Major Case Squad is intensifying its efforts to locate Donna. The family and law enforcement are urging anyone with information about her whereabouts to contact 911 immediately.

The Eye family has been relentlessly searching the forest, led by Donna’s daughter-in-law LeeAnn Miller, who organized a search party. They remain hopeful but are deeply concerned due to Donna’s fear of the dark and the harsh winter conditions.

The sheriff’s office, which issued a missing person alert for Donna, has yet to provide details regarding the deputy’s involvement in the case. As the investigation continues, the family’s resolve to uncover the truth behind Donna’s disappearance remains steadfast. Some locals took to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook Page with questions of concern about why the department wasn’t doing more and are using the hashtag #justicefordonna to gain more awareness of the case.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The community is asked to stay alert and report any sightings or unusual activities that could aid in the investigation.

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