July 20, 2024

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Two Miller County men charged with first-degree drug trafficking following a traffic stop on Highway 54

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Prosecutors charged Brandon Mitchell, 42, and Ricky Mitchell, 65, with first-degree drug trafficking. (Photos from the Miller County Jail)

Two men from Miller County have been charged with first-degree drug trafficking stemming from a traffic stop on Highway 54.

Miller County Sheriff’s Office records indicate that a vehicle was pulled over on Highway 54 at Lakeland Road at 1:47 p.m. on October 20 due to following another car too closely. Upon stopping the vehicle, deputies interacted with the driver and were granted permission to inspect the car.

During the inspection, they sought and received consent from the front passenger, 42-year-old Brandon Mitchell, to search him. This search led to the discovery of a 117-gram brick, suspected to be methamphetamine, concealed under his groin using duct tape.

Subsequent to Brandon’s arrest, deputies instructed Ricky Mitchell, 65, seated in the car’s rear, to exit. As he complied, deputies observed him discreetly drop a black pouch. Inside this pouch were three separate baggies, collectively weighing 10.3 grams, which also tested positive for methamphetamine.

Both men were arrested and taken to Miller County Jail with bail set at $100,000 each. Ricky Mitchell, during a subsequent interview at the jail, confessed to dealing the methamphetamine. The two were subsequently charged by prosecutors for first-degree drug trafficking.

Brandon Mitchell managed to post bond on October 21 and is set for an arraignment on December 13. In contrast, Ricky Mitchell had his arraignment on October 23.

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